Applied AI

Unequaled Exposure and Scale all in one Event

The CxO Summit is co-located with ODSC East 2017, one of the largest applied AI and data science conferences on the planet.  The summit will bring together top industry executives and CxOs to help you understand how AI and data science will transform your business including:

  • Healthcare

  • Insurance

  • Retail

  • Government

  • Education

  • Bio/Pharma

  • Media & Marketing

  • Transportation

  • Finance

  • Manufacturing

  • Energy & Utilities

  • E-commerce

Jeremy Achin
Jeremy Achin

CEO & Data Scientist

Data Robot

Keynote Address

Having raised over $110 Million in funding, DataRobot has made a name for itself by cutting through the hype and helping companies deliver on the promise of AI.  From its Boston base, it’s renowned for hiring the best data scientists in the world to build a platform that makes data science easier and more actionable

Jeremy Achin, DataRobot’s CEO is a data scientist turned entrepreneur. He’s passionate about helping organizations transform their business with automated machine learning and AI. In his keynote address, Jeremy will present use-cases of companies from across industry successfully using AI to gain significant competitive advantage.

2017 Speakers

David Rose
David Rose

Entrepreneur, Author, and Researcher

MIT Media Lab.

Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro
Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro


KD Nuggets

Janet Slifka
Janet Slifka

Senior Manager, Data Science Team

Amazon Alexa

Andy Palmer
Andy Palmer



Sheamus McGovern
Sheamus McGovern



Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes

Founder & CEO. Entrepreneur

CEO, FeatureX

Patricia Florissi
Patricia Florissi

Vice President & Global CTO for Sales

Dell EMC

Andy Steinbach
Andy Steinbach

Senior Director, Head of AI in Financial Services


Andrew Smallwood
Andrew Smallwood

Lead Associate, Cyber Futures

Booz Allen Hamilton

Adam Weinstein
Adam Weinstein

Executive Director of Data Science

Athena Health

David Weisman
David Weisman

Vice President, Data Sciences


William Crawford
William Crawford

Former VP of Engineering


Julie Yoo
Julie Yoo

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer


Rumman Chowdhury
Rumman Chowdhury

Senior Manager


Ingo Mierswa
Ingo Mierswa

Founder & President


Andrew Therriault
Andrew Therriault

Chief Data Officer

City of Boston

Peter Waggett
Peter Waggett

Emerging Technology Director


Catherine Havasi
Catherine Havasi

CEO & Co-Founder

Luminoso Technologies

Johannes Hermann
Johannes Hermann

Director, Machine Learning

Johnson & Johnson

Superior Content, Peer Learning

The most important Industry AI Event of the year, hear from fellow CxOs, executives, chief data scientists, and thought leaders. Learn how AI and Data Science techniques are transforming business and prepare your company for the next wave of innovation by learning about:

  • Deep Learning

  • Real-time Prediction

  • New product development

  • Data Visualization

  • Machine Learning

  • AI Tools and frameworks

  • Case studies

  • Automation

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Open source AI/Data Science

  • Best practices

  • Law, Ethics and Governance

Why Attend?

AI and data science is transforming business. The CxO summit will give you the knowledge and connections to be at the forefront.

Superior Content
  • Hear from top industry executives using data science to grow their business

  • Attend talks, panels, and group discussions to get you up to speed

  • Learn from the best and brightest AI and data science innovators

  • Non-technical talks that will help you understand AI and data science

Superior Networking
  • Meet executives from multiple industries engaging AI and data science

  • Connect with the best and brightest AI and Data Science innovators

  • Network, connect, and collaborate with those defining the future of business

  • Multiple networking events including breakfast, lunch, and evening reception

Superior Expo
  • Attend one of the largest AI and data science Expos on the east coast

  • See and hear first-hand these innovative products and services

  • Gain insights how AI and data science can transform your business

  • View live on-floor presentations and product demonstrations

CxO Summit + ODSC East

Accelerate your knowledge of AI by attending in-depth sessions on deep learning, machine learning, and many other in-demand topics at ODSC East .  Co-located with the CxO Summit, the Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) is the largest applied data science conference on the planet.  ODSC East 2017 has over 120 presentations on AI & data science topics, tools, and languages – taught by some of the best and brightest minds in the field.

Combine a CxO pass with an ODSC Silver pass to accelerate your insight and knowledge of data science and AI.



Door Price

AI Expo

Experience first-hand some of the coolest AI and Data Science products and services on the planet. Talk to the innovators and AI experts that driving the field forward. Our 2017 Expo is the gathering place for leading companies and top innovators across the data science and AI ecosystem.

View live demonstrations
Attend on-floor presentations
Put your hands on the latest AI and Data Science products
Meet top innovators in person
Network. Connect. Collaborate.

A Few of our AI Exhibitors

Talks, Abstracts & Bios

Call for AI Innovators

Are you using AI or Data Science to build innovative products or services? ODSC invites you to showcase at our AI Expo on May 3rd.

Hackathons & Community Events

The Opportunity

Co-located with ODSC, one of the largest data science conferences on the planet, the CxO Summit will be limited to just 400 attendees to allow for a more intimate and interactive environment that promotes meaningful discussions with peers and industry participants. We have an unparalleled reputation of attaching the best and brightest minds in AI and data science. We attract the CxOs, founders, executives who come and meet with the data scientists and AI practitioners work on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving field.


Partnering With ODSC

Last year, ODSC welcomed nearly 12,000 attendees in an unparalleled range of events from our large conferences, to hackathons and small community gatherings.

Who Should Attend?

Business executives: including VPs, heads, and leads from Healthcare, Education, Finance, Insurance, Bio/Pharma, Manufacturing, Retail, Media & Marketing, Energy & Utilities, Government, Transportation, E-commerce and other key industries.

Chiefs and Heads of: Data, Data Science, Technology, Information, Analytics, Strategy, Innovation, Marketing, and others.

Innovators such as: Startup-ups, Investors, VC’s, Entrepreneurs, Evangelists & Decision-makers, and strategy executives.


ODSC Events attract some of world’s most influential and market shaping publications, across trade and industry publications and blogs.

As AI and data science transform industry and touch every aspect of our lives more people need to be informed of its impact. Come hear and meet the the thought leaders, core contributors, and innovators who are driving this new age of disruption.